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All text and images on this site and my "jaybirding" blog are intended for viewing with a standard web browser only. Please ask me for permission before downloading, printing, or other use.

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I am not a professional photographer and do not intend to make money from my photos. However, I don't want my photos to be "stolen" or used commercially on the cheap. There are many good professional photographers, who can provide better service for commercial or editorial images (e.g. check out Dean Abramson, a friend).

My General Guidelines

Generally, I have allowed private individuals to use a reasonable number of my images on their personal non-commercial web sites or to make single prints without charge. I do want to be be "credited" as the creator of the image. I have also given permission for some amateur artists to use my photos as "reference" images.

I have allowed some non-profit organzations to use my images or text without charge in promoting conservation, wildlife preservation, or science education. I will certainly consider other requests of this type. Appropriate citation or credit will be expected. Please contact me to discuss the detals of such use.

As a rule, for editorial or commercial purposes, professional photographers will have more and better images and photographic services. Very rarely, I might make an image available if there are some special circumstances that require use of a particular image. I will expect payment customary for such use. Please contact me to discuss the details.

Ethical Use of Images and Text

It is always good practice to ask permission before using anything that belongs to someone else. Taking things without paying for them, or at least asking permission of the owner, is "stealing". Although there is some philosophical debate on this point, creative works "belong" to the artist or author (unless he has sold or given the work to another). You probably wouldn't take your neighbor's new car for a ride without asking permission. Don't take someone's creative work without asking permission.

"Hot linking" from my web site (i.e. linking an image from my site to appear directly on yours) is STEALING MY BANDWITH (for which I pay real money).


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